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Blissful Sleep Spray

Blissful Sleep Spray

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This bottle of vibrational magic is going to smother you with calm energy as you drift off. It works quite differently to other sleep sprays, as it uses the energetic imprint of flowers and plants to calm and nurture your energy.
Inside is a base of organic lavender and chamomile hydrosols (this fragrance is gentle and not like lavender essential oil), with vibrational essences of White Chestnut, Oak, Cherry Plum, St Johns Wort, Olive, Passion Flower and Amethyst. And the addition of crystals at the bottom of the bottle to infuse with even more vibration.
White Chestnut is the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us concentrating. White Chestnut thoughts are often described as ‘worrying’ – but they are not necessarily anxious or fearful, more repetitive. White Chestnut thoughts go nowhere. They circle round and round in the head like a looped recording. White Chestnut brings the gift of a calm, peaceful mind.
Oak is the remedy for strong, steady people who never give up under adversity. They plough on with determination, and never consider resting until they are past the point of exhaustion. So much is positive about the Oak person, but the negative side is the stubborn refusal to rest or sit back when the need for rest is obvious.
Cherry Plum, thanks to it’s ability to help someone relax and ‘let go’ aids in calming our physical-emotional system, so that it can surrender to the sleeping process.
St John’s Wort flower essence is the key essence for transforming all kinds of fear, from everyday known fears to hidden, subconscious deep seated and past life fears. This is a very good essence to use if you feel fearful but don’t know why because there is no logical reason for your fears. Take St John’s Wort if you experience nightmares or disturbed sleep. It helps promote restful sleep patterns.
Olive flower essence is used to treat people suffering from exhaustion after considerable mental or physical effort. Often illness can cause the symptoms of exhaustion. Usually people can recover without help. With plenty of good rest and a healthy diet some individuals will. Recover relatively quickly. But with Olive people, fatigue continues and start to affect daily living in a negative way. Olive flower essence can help the recovery process. It enables good rest so we become energised.
Passion Flower essence strengthens you connection with your spiritual body so that you will experience more of your true spiritual nature in your daily life. Because Passion Flower activates your spiritual gifts, it can also encourage peaceful, natural sleep patterns, recall of dreams and easing of nightmares.
Amethyst essence is particularly helpful for those working with issues relating to low self esteem, or who need support to stay centred and balanced in their own energetic space.
To use this, at bedtime mist yourself and your pillow before you settle down.
What are flower essences and vibrational Remedies?

Here’s a clue..... They are energy!

Flower and vibrational essences are the energetic frequency of flowers, plants trees, mushrooms, crystals and other natural sources. This energy helps us in many ways, to alter negative emotional patterns, develop self knowledge and understanding, unlearn old patterns, whilst supporting, strengthening and empowering us: rebalancing our being.

A simple way to understand vibrational medicine is to see it as a therapy that uses energies or vibrational frequencies to help or restore wellbeing. These energies provide a positive balancing force, which, in a natural and gentle way, help to release old emotions, thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve you, stimulating the body’s natural capacity to bring itself back to homeostatis.
Essences are a simple and natural tool that everyone can benefit from.
Vibrational Essences may help with.....
- Upsets and trauma
- Tension
- Change
- Challenges and problems
- Concern and worry
- Despondency and sadness
- Focus and direction
- Inner guidance
- Protection
- Recovery
- Inner peace and harmony.
I was first introduced to Bach Flower Remedies as a young girl by my father, so they have always been in my life, as an anchor to return to whenever I needed their support.
But way back in 2004 I decided to take the step of professional training. I spent time at the Bach Centre in Oxon (Dr Bach’s home) in both 2004 and 2005 to study his 38 remedies.

Then in 2000 I started training in the Phytobiophysics formulas, which, like many vibrational Remedies, have the capacity to stabilise and harmonise deep trauma seen in modern society.

I have used essences of many plants, flowers and trees since this time, and more recently updated my training covering vibrational essences as a whole.
I am a qualified and fully insured practitioner of flower and vibrational essences.



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